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Meet Jenna Menard. From international fashion magazines to celebrity red-carpet events, Jenna Menard is one of the world's top makeup talents. And now, as Clinique's Global Colour Artist, she's sharing her pro tricks with you. Get to know Jenna in the video above, and learn even more below.
“My approach to makeup starts with focusing on a woman's individual beauty. I play up her best features by enhancing her natural beauty—and by not using too much makeup. I love that Clinique’s philosophy is the same! I want all of my clients not only to look amazing, but to feel beautiful—whether they’re a celebrity or one of my sisters.”
“My mother is a lifelong Clinique customer, so my earliest memory of makeup is actually Clinique makeup. And it’s the first brand she bought for me. True story!”
“By far my favorite childhood picture. Interesting—even then I had an eye for color!” “Me in high school, before a formal event. I actually thought I was wearing a lot of makeup—mascara and lip balm!”
“Location shoots take me to some amazing places. I capture as much as I can by taking photos. In a way, it’s a photo log of my life on the go.”
“Me, Laura, Melissa and Anna at our pool. Can you tell our mother was a hair stylist? Our hair was always perfect.”
“When I apply makeup, I love seeing how even the most subtle changes can make a woman carry herself with more confidence.”