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Brighter Eyes. Late night? Early morning? Look more wide-awake and rested in a flash. Jenna Menard, our Global Colour Artist, shows you how in our step-by-step video above—and offers more enlightening tips below.

Colour Surge
Eye Shadow Duo


go undercover

“We all know we should cover dark circles under our eyes. But the eyelids and inner corners near the bridge of the nose can be dark, too—so don’t overlook those areas. For a little extra brightness, Airbrush Concealer has reflective ingredients that help illuminate the whole eye area.”


turn up the lights

“Try layering a couple shimmer formulas. Start with a creamy highlighter—I love the one in Instant Lift For Brows—then top it with a shimmery powder shadow to really build the brightness. I used both on the lower lashline, too—it’s a better option than dark liner when eyes are tired.”


High Impact Curling Mascara


open your eyes

“On upper lashes, you need just the smallest amount of eyeliner for definition—and a really good curling mascara. The extra “lift” it gives your lashes creates the illusion that your eyes are more open. It’s a great way look more alert, especially on those days when you need a little help.”


Blushing Blush Powder Blush


go for the glow

“You might not think of blush as part of a bright-eyed look, but it changes a face instantly. You look more awake in seconds, even if you don’t feel it! Fresh, sheer lip colors like Chubby Stick also help your whole face look brighter.”