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Flawless Skin. Dark spots or uneven skin tone can remain your little secret. Jenna Menard, our Global Colour Artist, shows you how to keep them undercover in our step-by-step video above—and offers more tips below.

getting even

“Even if you've got areas to hide, you still want skin to look like skin. So layer and build only on the areas that need more coverage—and use less where you need less. That way your skin still has the subtle variations that make it look ‘real,' not makeup-y.”


cover story

“The reason makeup artists use brushes? They lay down color very precisely—as opposed to fingers, which tend to take it away. To cover a specific spot or area, definitely use a concealer brush. You'll have total control of where you place and blend your concealer.”


all set

“Don’t skip the powder—it sets everything in place. Make sure you shake off any excess before touching the brush to your face, then gently pat it onto your skin. You don’t want to drag it across; that can remove what you’ve just applied.”


Lash Power Mascara
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in the pink

“Foundation and powder create a flawless canvas, but if skin's too uniform it doesn't look natural. A powder blush in a shade close to your own natural 'blush' brings back that healthy glow. Plus, you can place the color wherever you prefer—cheekbones or apples of cheeks.”


fast finish

“When your skin's looking flawless, make it the focus. Just a little mascara and lip gloss, and you're done.”

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