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Smoky Eyes. Always wanted to try the smoky eye? We're here to help. Jenna Menard, our Global Colour Artist, shows you the step-by-step for a very do-able (and wearable) smoky look in our video above—and offers even more coaching below.

first things first

“It’s essential to start with a cream shadow. It gives your powder shadow something to cling to and helps it last longer. I like that Lid Smoothie contains a little shimmer—it adds nice dimension under darker shadow.”


on the line

“You don't need heavy eyeliner on the top and bottom. Here, I chose to only line the upper lash line with Quickliner For Eyes Intense. You still get the drama but it's definitely easier to wear, especially for daytime.”


fringe benefits

“Mascara brings extra attention to the eyes— and it also gets rid of any excess shadow that might've fallen on your lashes. Bottom Lash Mascara is the best way to define the lower lashline without liner.”

in the darks

“You can create a more interesting smoky look with a range of colors, not just black. I used Slate for this look, but you could even combine a couple of shades: taupe and brown, gray and violet, or navy and black.”


Blushing Blush Powder Blush


Butter Shine Lipstick


High Lengths Mascara


Bottom Lash Mascara


super natural

“Blush and lip color should complement the eyes, not compete. Shades that are close to your natural cheek and lip coloring finish the look, but keep the attention on your smoky eyes.”