What is great skin?
Skin 101 What is great skin?
Signs of visible aging

What it is:
Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear in your 20’s or 30’s—mostly around your eyes. You may notice some dryness and uneven skin tone. Hands start looking older, too. Starting in your 40’s, lines and wrinkles grow deeper. Hyperpigmentation or brown spots may become more prominent. As time passes, a gradual loss of skin’s subcutaneous cushion causes some sagging, and as the cushion continues to thin, the face may begin to look gaunt or drawn in some areas.
Why it happens:
Environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors create a skin-damaging equation—how potent depends on the steps you take to protect your skin. UV rays are the largest single contributor, but smoking, drinking, stress, sleep, diet and exercise also influence the appearance of your skin. You may have no control over genetic factors or the natural collagen/elastin breakdown and slower cell turnover that happens as we age. But by taking better care of yourself—committing to a daily skin care regimen that includes sun protection, eating a balanced diet, exercising, minimizing stress—you can help create a healthier-looking complexion and look younger, longer.
How to treat it:
With a consistent daily regimen of protection and prevention:
• Apply sunscreen every day. A moisturizer with SPF of at least 15 works for incidental exposure—walking or driving around. If you’ll be spending more time in the sun, use a sunscreen with advanced UVA & UVB protection like you’ll find in all Clinique Sun products.
• Help speed cell turnover with gentle daily exfoliation—Step 2 in Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care. Boosting exfoliation will help keep skin looking radiant. Clinique Turnaround™ offers head-to-toe renewal for all skins.
• Choose your de-aging team of morning and night moisturizers and use it daily. Clinique has a range of de-agers—everything from prevention to repair—so you can give your skin what it needs and get the results you’re looking for.
• Use an eye cream day and night—eye-area skin is very thin and prone to fine lines.
• Help fade the appearance of dark spots and discolorations with a targeted formula designed to create more even skin tone. Try Clinique’s Even Better Skin Tone Corrector.
• Age spots on hands? Stop Signs Hand Repair helps fade their appearance as it replenishes needed moisture.