What is great skin?
Skin 101 What is great skin?

What it is:
Skin appears less radiant, lifeless and may feel rough and tight.
Why it happens:
Uneven, slow cell turnover results in a buildup of dead skin cells—dulling skin’s appearance. Breaks in the moisture barrier cause dehydration and a dry, rough appearance. Other causes:
• Stress and fatigue
• Lack of essential vitamins
• Smoking and drinking alcohol
• Slow blood circulation
• Wind, sun, humidity, extreme temperatures
How to treat it:
Bring new skin cells to the surface faster and more regularly with gentle exfoliation. Hydrate skin and repair the moisture barrier. One gentle exfoliator to try: Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula. For head-to-toe radiance, experience the skin-renewing effects of Turnaround™. Moisturizer applied AM and PM will hydrate skin and help strengthen skin’s moisture barrier. Other glow-getters:
• Drink plenty of water.
• Exercise regularly to help improve skin’s blood circulation.
• Eat foods rich in fatty acids (such as fish, walnuts, avocados), which provide the building blocks for healthy skin.