What is great skin?
Skin 101 What is great skin?
Enlarged Pores

What it is:
Visible pores appear larger, more stretched. Enlarged pores are usually more prominent in the T-zone—forehead, chin and around the nose.
Why it happens:
Excess oil production forces the pore to expand. Clogging and UV damage weaken the support structure and stretch out pore walls and openings. Other causes:
• Genetics
• Hormonal changes
• Acne
• Improper cleansing
• Excessive oil production
• Makeup not compatible with skin type
• Improper diet
• Smoking
• Puberty, menopause
How to treat it:
With custom-fit cleansing and exfoliation. Helps keep skin clear of dead cells, debris and excess oil so pores can work more efficiently. Clinique’s innovative Pore Minimizing team gets noticeable results, shrinking the look of pores and instantly refining skin’s texture. One thing to avoid: excess sun exposure—it thickens skin, exaggerating pore size.