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About Dullness
Skin Care 101
The life cycle of cells in the epidermis, skin's outermost layer, is about 28 days in your 20s, and slows over time. Not all of the cells are in the same cycle—so some are older and duller than others.

When you get skin on a regular routine of cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, you can “train” cells to emerge together, sooner. So newer, fresher cells appear at the same time—and your skin looks clear, radiant, alive as a result.

Some skins seem to radiate light. We call this the Turnaround? Effect. As Clinique's guiding dermatologists insist, these innovative exfoliators are as gentle to skin as they are effective. Lab-developed to deliver maximum brightening and smoothing results with minimal stress to skin. Daily and boosted formulas address your specific concerns.

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