Pore Minimizer

Power over pores

About Pores
Daily pore maintenance starts with a custom-fit 3-Step Skin Care System. Helps unclog pores, refine and polish. Clears the way for our lightweight, oil-free moisturizers and oil-control foundations to maintain that fresh and flawless look.

Whether clogged with debris, enlarged by oiliness or weakened by time, all pores can be noticeably smaller. Clinique's pore-minimizing innovations help shrink the look of pores. Instantly refine skin's texture.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do pores seem larger as we age?
Chronic exposure to sun and ultraviolet light damages and weakens the supporting structures surrounding pores, which can cause them to stretch over time.

Why do people have different pore sizes?
Heredity and the male hormone androgen determine pore size. Drier skins tend to have barely visible pores, oilier skins tend to have larger, more noticeable pores.

Is it true that only people with oily skin can have large pores?
Generally, yes. Oil production is directly related to the size of the pore—the larger the oil production, the larger the pore and vice versa.

Why do pores get “dirty?”
The “dirt” is actually the colour oil turns when exposed to the air—it oxidizes, similar to the process of an apple slice turning brown. Bacteria multiply, feeding off the oil. Some skin pigment (melanin) ends up in the oil, so the darker the skin, the darker the oil.

Do large pores have anything to do with blackheads?
Active oil glands under the surface mean large pores at the surface. As excess oil accumulates at the surface, it can combine with shedding skin cells to produce blackheads. Chronic blackheads may stretch pores and make them larger.

How do I prevent large pores?
Regular cleansing, exfoliating and appropriate moisturizing is the best treatment for any type of skin. And please, don't squeeze! Squeezing pores causes trauma to the surrounding tissue.