Smile. Now eyes get a second chance.

NEW Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream.

We gave our new eye cream the power to visibly improve your entire eye area starting in 4 weeks. Keep smiling: you’ll see a 54% decrease in ‘smile lines’ around your eyes in 12 weeks.
US $43.50 - $60.00

  • What makes this woman smile? ‘My job, my kids, my grandkids.’
  • She likes to read and cook, so she’s smiling about ‘books, shopping and eating new things.’
  • She smiles when thinking about ‘her kids, the beach and helping others.’

We call them ‘smile lines’ because they’re most visible when a happy smile creases eye-area skin. Eventually, creases ‘settle in’ as lines that pose a special challenge to correct. To see how well our eye cream performs, we invented a unique ‘Smile Test.’ Just look at the results.

Real women, real results.
We photographed 31 women smiling before and after using our new eye cream twice a day for 12 weeks. Lab analysis confirmed a 54% decrease in ‘smile lines’ around the eyes—a younger look.

How many times a day does the average woman smile? Watch for the answer and the inside story of how Repairwear Laser Focus for Eyes:

  • helps rebuild natural collagen and elastin
  • visibly smooths lines, plumps and refines
  • delivers improvement in 4 weeks