Whiter teeth instantly
Clinique can’t whiten your teeth. But we will brighten your smile. Instantly.

Fact: On application, Clinique’s specially designed lipstick colours create a contrast that brightens your smile. Using a dental colour guide we confirmed it: each smile was at least one shade brighter.

So here you have it: the wow of whiter teeth in pearls and buttery shines in nudes, goldens, pinks, berries. 12 shades in all. The amazing thing? Each is already a Clinique favourite. Try them now.

Look what Clinique lip colour can do for your smile. Go ahead: slick one on and show off your pearlier whites. Clinique invited a select group of women to try a range of our lipstick shades, and had a board-certified dentist grade the whiteness of their teeth before and after applying them. See for yourself—there’s a noticeable difference!

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