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Hazel eyes are a blend of green and brown, often adorned with flecks of gold, gray, blue, and brown, creating a unique canvas for makeup artistry. If you have hazel eyes, you’ve probably wondered which eyeshadow is the most complementary for you.

Our best eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes are ones that accentuate the distinct gradients within your iris, allowing you to draw out and emphasize the colors you wish to showcase.

Here's how to make your hazel eyes pop with just the right shades for you.

Our best eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes

These looks will flatter your hazel eyes for day or night:

  • Pinks/berries: These shades are strikingly beautiful on hazel eyes. The red undertones in these hues bring out the green and yellow specks in hazel eyes. These colors are also ideal for the pink chocolate smokey eye.

  • Purples: These eyeshadow shades are especially flattering for hazel eyes that have more green and gold in them. That's because it's an analogous color to red but it's closer to green on the color wheel, so it'll flatter those specks in hazel eyes. Opt for All About Shadow Duos in Blackberry Frost — its soft lavender color can be deepened with the gray shadow for a dramatic look.

  • Blues and greens: These tones will look fantastic for someone who has hazel eyes with brown, blue, and/or green flecks. The contrast will make the flecks shine. Check out All About Shadow Lagoon Soft Shimmer.
A good eyeshadow palette to start with would be the All About Shadow Quads in Going Steady. It features a soft pink you could use as a base, followed by shimmery purples in various hues.

How to apply eyeshadow for different types of hazel eye looks

Ready to create a show-stopping look to show off those beautiful hazel eyes? Try these eyeshadow techniques.

A perfect smoky eye

This look is great for any eye shape, can be lightened up for day and darkened for a dramatic evening look, and it's a gorgeous go-to eye makeup technique when you want a spell-bounding gaze.
How to apply the smoky eye look:
  1. Line your upper and lower lash lines with High Impact Gel Tech Eyeliner which features 24-hour wear on lids and 12-hour wear on the waterline.
  2. Sweep a deep eyeshadow on top of the liner to add intensity to hazel eyes. If you're using All About Shadow Quads On Safari, you'd apply the deep green hue.
  3. Next, apply a medium-hue shade that complements the previous color into the crease and blend upward.
  4. Finish with High Impact High-Fi Full Volume Mascara for a 230% increase in volume instantly.1

A dramatic look

The dramatic look gives the illusion of larger, more defined, and rounder eyes.
How to apply a dramatic look:
  1. Apply deep eyeliner like Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black along the top and bottom lash line. Go thicker on the inner and outer corners of the eyes on the top and get thinner as you work toward the center. On the bottom, go thicker on the outer corners of the eyes, getting thinner to the inner corners.
  1. Blend eyeliner around the upper lids by working from the inner and outer corners toward the center. On the lower lash line, blend eyeliner down slightly.
  2. Apply a medium shade on the eyelids blending it in with the previous shade.
  3. Finish with mascara.
  4. Make sure your show-stopping hazel eye makeup is perfected under beautifully- sculpted brows.

1 Clinical testing on 31 women.

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