Master the art of makeup brush use
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Master the art of makeup brush use

Makeup brushes come in all shapes and sizes, from silky plush brushes perfect for powder to short, densely bristled angle brushes ideal for defining eyes at the lash line. But with so many options out there, how do you know where to start?

Meet the Clinique Brush Collection

Our brushes are designed for anyone to use, but each of our brushes is designed only for the job at hand. Even if you're new to makeup, you'll feel like an expert just picking one up.

Foundation Brush

For a smooth, natural-looking finish when applying liquid or cream foundation, The Foundation Brush is the tool to have. For smoother makeup application, exfoliate your skin first with our 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula.

How to use: Dab some foundation on the brush. Apply where you need the most coverage first, then work outward from there. Don't forget to clean your brush with our Makeup Brush Cleanser after each application.

Foundation Buff Brush

The Foundation Buff Brush is the ideal companion tool for any of Clinique's liquid, powder, cream, and stick foundations. The short, rounded kabuki-style head features densely packed bristles that allow you to expertly blend and buff the foundation of your choice, transforming your skin into a smooth canvas ready for color.

How to use: Buff skin in small circles (use medium pressure) to blend it well, working from the center of your face outward to your hairline.

Pro tip: For a flawless foundation, follow the Fingerprint Rule: Warm a small amount of liquid foundation on your hand, then dip your fingertips or brush in. If you can't see your fingerprints or brush bristles, reduce the amount. Build coverage gradually for best results.

Concealer Brush

For a spot-on concealer application, reach for our Concealer Brush. The tapered design is perfect for blending the product in evenly.

How to use: Dab and blend on concealer using the flat side to disguise large spots like under-eye circles; use the pointed tip for concealing blemishes and other smaller imperfections.

Powder Brush

Our silky soft Powder Brush is perfect for dusting on loose or pressed powder for a flawless finish. You can even use it to apply bronzer lightly for a glowing complexion.

How to use: Dab pressed or loose powder on the brush and tap off any excess. Apply to the face with sweeping strokes.

Bronzer/Blender Brush

Whether you want a just-at-the-beach glow-up or just a bit of warmth on the apples of your cheeks, our Bronzer/Blender Brush is our best bronzer brush for achieving both looks.

How to use: Swirl brush into dry powder (never apply it wet) and tap off excess. Apply with sweeping strokes all over face, or to highlight the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead.

Blush Brush

Our tapered yet plush Blush Brush delivers just the right amount of color to your cheeks.

How to use: Dab brush into powder blush and tap off excess. With a gentle tapping motion, apply to cheekbones or apples of cheeks, then blend. For a healthy glow, add a touch more to the chin, temples, and bridge of your nose.

Eye Shader Brush

Whether you want a wash of color over your entire eye from lashline to brow or are softening the edges of a gorgeous smoky eye look, our Eye Shader Brush is perfect for blending.

How to use: Swirl brush in eyeshadow and tap to remove excess powder. Apply all over your eye, from lashline to brow.

Eye Shadow Brush

Compact eye applicators are great for travel and on-the-go touchups, but a longer brush offers more control as you apply color to your lids. Our densely bristled Eye Shadow Brush is just the right size to add color anywhere on your lid.

How to use: Swirl brush in eyeshadow and tap to remove excess powder. Apply shadow anywhere on the lid or a touch of highlight under the brow bone.

Eye Definer Brush

Perfect your cat eye or winged eyeliner look with our Eye Definer Brush. This precision eyeshadow brush has an angled design with firm bristles that give control when lining eyes or defining and filling in brows.

How to use: Lightly drag the brush through eyeshadow and tap to remove excess powder. Using short, even strokes, apply shadow into the base of the lashes and along the lash line; you can also use to define and fill in brows. For more dramatic looks, choose a darker shade of shadow.

Makeup Brush Cleanser

By removing the build-up caused by makeup residue, your bristles stay clean and your brushes will last longer. Our Makeup Brush Cleanser makes it easy to keep those bristles in great condition.

How to use: With the bristles pointed downward, spray brush thoroughly with cleanser. Rinse the bristles with warm water and massage them to remove makeup residue. Gently squeeze out the excess water with a tissue. Smooth bristles to reshape the brush. Lay clean brush flat on a surface—either hanging off the counter or on a paper towel—to air dry completely before using again. To preserve bristles, never leave your brushes upright when drying.

What are good makeup brushes for beginners?

If you're brand new to makeup, you might still be intimidated by our curated arsenal of cosmetic brushes. While we think that each and every one serves a unique purpose and deserves a spot in your cosmetics bag, we understand you might want to start simply and add to your collection as you grow more confident in your makeup application skills.

Choose brushes based on the foundation and makeup coverage you desire. For a more full-coverage look, opt for brushes with denser bristles like our Foundation Brush. If you want light, barely there coverage from your foundation, bronzer, highlighter, or blush, opt for a fluffier brush like our Powder Brush.

Your skin is like a blank canvas. Use the right makeup brushes from Clinique to create a bold new look you'll love.