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When you want to highlight your baby blues, certain colors can make them pop.
To make blue eyes look their bluest, choose eyeshadows for blue eyes that are orange, copper, peach, gold, bronze, brown, and champagne, as well as those colors close to those hues. They’re on the opposite side of the color wheel from blues so they will enhance your blue eye color even more. (Start with All About Shadow Duo: Day into Date.)

Ensure your eyebrows are perfectly shaped, colored, and styled to frame your eyes and enhance your eyeshadow's impact beautifully.

How to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes

Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to create different eye shadow looks for blue eyes. For any of these, try Touch Base for Eyes to give yourself an even neutral base or to simply to use as a shimmery shadow.

A smoky eye look

How to apply a smoky eye look for blue eyes:
  1. Apply a deep eyeliner like Quickliner for Eyes in Roast Coffee along the top and bottom lash lines starting at the outer corners and moving toward the center. Then, start at the inner corners and move toward the center. Both lines should meet in the middle of the lash line. Blend the top up and the bottom down.
  2. Sweep a deep eyeshadow on top of the liner to intensity. Use the deepest or darkest shade in the quad.
  3. Follow that up with a medium-hue shadow into the crease and blend upward. This color should be complementary to the darker eyeshadow you used.
  4. Apply High Impact High-Fi Full Volume Mascara for 230% more volume.1 With a 12-hour, smudge-proof wear, lashes will stay lifted all day.

A dramatic look

This eyeshadow technique gives the illusion of larger, more defined, and rounder eyes.
How to apply a dramatic look:
  1. Apply deep eyeliner like Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black along top and bottom lash line. Go thicker on the inner and outer corners of the eyes on the top and get thinner as you work toward the center. On the bottom, go thicker on the outer corners of the eyes, getting thinner to the inner corners.
  2. Blend eyeliner around the upper lids by working from the inner and outer corners toward the center. Be sure not to cover the centers of the eyelids. On the lower lash line, blend eyeliner down.
  3. Apply a medium shade on the eyelids blending it in with the previous shade. For blue eyes, you might want to use a deep copper-hued eyeshadow and blend inward. The middle of the eyelid can have a lighter copper, or gold hue.
  4. Finish with mascara.

A gradient look

This eyeshadow slightly lifts the outer edges of the eyes and adds dimension.
How to apply eyeshadow for a gradient look:
  1. Apply a light shadow from the All About Shadow Singles line from the inner corner near the lash line to where the inner part of the iris begins. Apply shadow up to the crease. This long-wearing shadow spreads on smoothly, allowing for buildable color that resists creasing or fading.
  2. Sweep a medium shadow from the inner edge of the iris to the outer edge of the iris. Apply shadow up to the crease.
  3. Apply a dark eyeshadow from the outer edge of the iris to the outer corner of the eye. Sweep that color up to the crease.
  4. Use a dry smudge brush from Quickliner For Eyes eyeliner to blend the edges of the shadows gently for a gradient effect.
  5. Apply your favorite long-lasting mascara.

A defined crease look

Applying this eyeshadow technique can create a sculpted effect, making eyes appear more larger and rounder.
How to apply a defined crease look for blue eyes:
  1. Apply a medium or lighter shade eyeshadow to the entire lid.
  2. Apply eyeliner like High Impact Gel Tech Eyeliner in Intense Black along the top and bottom lash lines. It's safe to apply directly on the waterline and lid, gliding on easily for smudge-resistant, unstoppable wear: 24 hours on lids, 12 hours on waterline.
  3. Sweep a dark shadow in the crease and define it with a rounded arch shape. Be careful not to go too close to the outer corners of your eyes. You want to draw attention to the middle, more rounded portion of the eye.
  4. Apply your favorite mascara.
Embrace the transformative power of eyeshadow to create eye-catching looks that complement and amplify the natural allure of your blue eyes.

1 Clinical testing on 31 women.

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