Game Changer

What are your go-to
holiday tips, Fanny?

“The holidays are my favorite time of year! But the hustle and bustle affects my mind and body, especially my skin," says Clinique Field Executive Fanny Woo. "I try to squeeze in mini workouts, stick to a great skin care routine, and get quality sleep. Everyone should glow inside and out.”

Tip #1: Double Cleanse
“When I wear a lot of holiday makeup, I double cleanse at night—this gives my skin a deep clean and the ritual is so relaxing. Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm melts away long-wear makeup, waterproof mascara, and sunscreen, then All About Clean Liquid Facial Soap removes any leftover dirt, pollution and debris. My skin feels so soft and fresh afterwards.”

Tip #2: Revive Radiance
“This quick routine instantly brightens my skin: Clarifying Lotion, a liquid exfoliant, removes dead skin cells and preps my skin to absorb my next step—Fresh Pressed Pure Vitamin C 10%. It’s the perfect fix for dull, tired skin.”

Tip #3: Lash Love
High Impact Mascara thickens and lengthens my short lashes without irritating my sensitive eyes—it’s ophthalmologist-tested. I start by pressing it into the base of my lashes, then wiggle through to the tips. The extra pigment on my lashline gives the illusion that I have more lashes.”

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